Dappy’s spring, March 2022 update.

Hello everyone, things are moving fast in planet dappy, particularly on the technical front.


Dappy has been doing DNS over HTTPS from the beginning, but in its own way. We have decided to make the dappy name system compatible with the DNS over HTTPS standard, based on insights from many professionals and web consultants. There is no obvious reason not to be DoH compliant, and it will probably ease the integration with some legacy DNS tools.

Compatibility with DNS and .dappy TLD

We also have decided to display .dappy extensions in dappy browser. This choice will avoid collisions with ICANN and legacy TLDs. Not displaying .dappy may put us in a position of direct confrontation with ICANN and DNS and we don’t want that. This also allow us to smoothly unlock legacy DNS domains in dappy browser. Next release will be compatible with DNS.

Blitz and Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS)

We are in addition to dappy working on a secure and simple password-less authentication system that could be easily added in dappy browser. You can read more about it out here. And of course the Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS) on April 13th and 14th with RChain is very soon, we are actively preparing for this event.

Dappy ICO

[Out of date ]

Growing dappy network

As we’ve announced this month, the dappy network has welcomed two new partners InfStones from North America, and Pathrock Network from Germany. They have both shown interest in joining and we’ll start working on the technical front.

Cheers from the dappy team.