Browser and name system

DNS is (maybe not) what you need

  • • DNS comes with many well known flaws and vulnerabilities, on average, an attack costs $715.000
  • • It uses mainly not encrypted traffic (in 2021)
  • • Accuracy can be poor depending on region, network and OS
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Upgrade to dappy now !

  • ✔ Reduce your front-end attack surface by 90%
  • ✔ Reduce your DNS attack surface by 90%
  • ✔ Benefit from a trustless, blockchain based name system and resolution mechanism

Ultra secure web applications and name system
  • Javascript has no network access by default, authorized servers must be explicitly declared (whitelist).
  • HTTPS only (HTTP + encryption with TLS).
  • No DNS, the name system is on the blockchain.
  • No certificate authorities, encryption certificates are on the blockchain.
  • Network of independant agents, with no attack point and no leader for "DNS" lookups and blockchain requests.

Cybersecurity researchers, hackers, bug hunters, check the dappy "friends list"

dappy browser
🚀 Beta is released ! 🚀

Dappy browser beta is released, you can upload files, download files, browse the "blockchain" web, load dapps (blockchain websites) or IP applications (websites served by servers), purchase names etc...

dappy 0.4.7 for windows (32 bits)
dappy 0.4.7 for windows (64 bits)
dappy 0.4.7 for fedora/centOS
dappy 0.4.7 for debian/ubuntu
dappy 0.4.7 for macOS (intel)
dappy 0.4.7 for macOS (M1 / arm64)
dappy browser
Multiple requests performed with Dappy
New paradigm for request, with no single points of failure

Mainstream web relies on a chain of trusted centralized services (DNS servers, domain name registrars, certificate authorities etc...) . The dappy network is decentralized, just like a blockchain platform, many agents who don't trust one another necessarily, are co-responsible of name resolution. There is no unique trusted services.

*well known hacks and failures of the DNS
28 000 websites managed by registrar GoDaddy compromised
Brazilian bank has all its internet traffic hijacked for 5 hours
Diginotar CA issues fake TLS certificates to millions of users, including google.com
Efficient IP DNS threat report