A new privacy focused domain name and web PKI technology.

Powered by blockchain built for critical and high value web applications.

Dappy domain ending with .d

dappy launched, september 29th, 2022

Security on the public web is very limited, millions are spent in web security, and also lost because of hacks, man in the middle attacks or simply malicious behavior by one or many DNS services or certificate authorities.

Dappy proposes a new paradigm inspired by dane and blockchain technology itself. It removes authoritative private services and makes a leaderless state replication system (blockchain-like network) responsible for the storing and management of domains, IP addresses and TLS certificates. Then clients are required to do co-resolution, thus gaining 1000x accuracy in the service discovery phase.

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March, 2022

FIC - cybersecurity

πŸ“Œ Lille (France)

April, 2022


πŸ“Œ Paris (France)

November, 2022

Web Summit

πŸ“Œ Lisbonne (Portugal)

January, 2023


πŸ“Œ Las Vegas (USA)

May, 2023


πŸ“Œ Dubai (UAE)

No certificate renewal

Certificates are part of the zones of the dappy name system, they are valid as long as the domain is owned, you don't need to renew.

One JSON file

You can manage hundreds domains with just one json file, and a private key. No need for email, cloud providers or registrar account.

Military grade security and privacy

There is no certificate authorities, you control the root certificate (trust anchor) for your domain. Co-resolution makes sure clients obtain the correct TLS certificate and IP addresses.

Blockchain, without gas fees

Blockchain is cool, but gas fees and tokens are often making things very complicated. Dappy has its own specialized layer one leaderless state replication system, transactions are free ou just purchase and renew your domain once a year.

dappy browser

 A browser based on Chromium, with maximum security at all levels (v0.6.1)

At the core of dappy, the companies of the dappy network that secure collectively the domain names, and encryption certificates.