Dappy name system and browsers

July 7, 2022 2022-07-27 13:56

A public web without single points of failure, powered by blockchain, engineered for enterprise applications.

Public name system

secured by blockchain

Secured by a global network of registered and independent companies

Free from censorship + native protection against 90%+ of DNS attacks

Ready for web3

Web browsers

designed for enterprises

Dappy browser, an open source browser engineered for web3 and enterprises use cases.

Dappy browser white labelled, with customized look and cybersecurity features.

Built-in anti-phishing tools

Most secure service discovery on earth

Native protections against TLS interception (man in the middle)

Dappy is a decentralized name system

Dappy is a public, open source name system that is trustless and secure by design. Control and management is distributed among a network instead of being concentrated to designated companies or institutions.

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There is no single point in the network that one can attack or corrupt to perform TLS interception, transparent phishing, or change the name to IP addresses resolution.

Distributed trust (blockchain and co-resolution) makes the system more fair and transparent, removes unilateral censorship possibilities, and allows any company or user to be in total control of its chain of trust (TLS). Web services can achieve accuracy, security and confidentiality levels that are superior than current solutions (DNS and the Certificate Authority system) by many orders of magnitudes (at least x1000).