Browser and name system

Secure browsing and name system for mission critical web applications

Dappy is a name system and a web browser that aims at providing a foundational layer of trust and accuracy for web services and the exchange of value on the public internet network.

A unique co-resolution system

Dappy is an alternative name system, based on the blockchain and not linked to the DNS. The dappy browser is the first web browser to use this name system. These two components are set to launch in 2022.

We believe the domain name system is far too centralized whilst being managed by isolated corporations. It is unable to provide mission-critical security and accuracy for web applications, when companies and public entities rely more and more on the web to convey information and value.

Dappy is the only name system in the world to use a co-resolution system, many independant corporations equally manage this name system, and collectively certify domain names. A simple idea that brings levels of trust, integrity and security superior to the existing systems, by few orders of magnitude.

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dappy browser

Dappy provides an entreprise grade security protocol for web applications

Legacy httpWeb browser + httpsDappy protocol and name system
Encrypted communication
Trustless DNS co-resolution
Trustless TLS/SSL co-resolution
Name system level authorization control
Domain name ownership and management
on the blockchain

A platform as secure as blockchain, without single points of failure

Trustlessness and name system

  • Unique co-resolution mechanism
  • Independant corporations that collectively certify domain names
  • 100% Blockchain-powered, 0% private databases or services
  • Brand new public ecosystem, no-DNS, no-CA (TLS certificate authorities)
  • Name system specifications

Developer friendly and unique web applications

  • Dappy only speaks HTTPS, unencrypted traffic is forbidden
  • 100% compatible with nginx/apache and TLS
  • Dapps: web applications can live on the blockchain, with no web server necessary for the distribution
  • Extended control on the execution context or your web apps (CSP, whitelist of servers)
  • Client-server communications specifications
  • Fully Open source

Unique tokenisation and financial features

  • Every website is linked to a specific account that can pay/receive/ask for payments
  • Tip any website you visit in 2 seconds
  • Easily manage/sell/buy fungible and non-fungible tokens

🚀 Beta is released ! 🚀

Dappy browser beta is released, you can upload files, download files, browse the "blockchain" web, load dapps (blockchain websites) or IP applications (websites served by servers), purchase names etc...

dappy browser