A domain name technology for modern developers and critical web services.

  • βœ“ No certificate renewals
  • βœ“ JSON+API based domains management
  • βœ“ Seamless transition in NodeJS

What is different about .d domains ? Why should I switch ?

Dappy is the first domain name technology where resolution is spread on multiple independent companies or foundations, .d domains are co-resolved. Browsers, programs or runtimes do 100x more efficient and secure service discovery (getting the right IP address and TLS certificate for a domain name).

The dappy name system stores self-signed TLS certificates, you don't have to deal with CA, ask for certificate signature, or renew certificates either.

Dappy has its unique way of doing ... almost everything, many things change with .d domains, security, privacy, visibility, and also the economy that is more fair. Most of it is still under construction, we'd love that you come by our discord.

import dhttps from 'dhttps'; dhttps.get('https://apiv1.fintech.d', (res) => { // your code });

Check out dhttps library on Github

Can I use .d domains now ?

Yes, for securing nodeJS libraries and SDKs

Any nodeJS program can be secured right now using the dappy name system through the library dhttps. Simply own a .d domain and use it in lieu of .com or .net domains.

Not yet for websites and web applications

Major browsers exclusively work with ICANN domains, the DNS protocol and the Certificate Authority system for HTTPS connections. .d domains can't be used natively today for securing client-server communications in web applications.

You work in a big company or represent a big brand ? 30.000+ domains have been reserved Get in touch

The dappy network

Dappy DLT does not use tokens, proof-of-stake or proof-of-work for security. It is a permissioned ledger, each company or foundation has the same weight, stores the same data, and is equally trusted. We are only getting started. 2 companies are part of the dappy network today and respond do co-resolution requests. We hope you can join us as well !!! /contact



Secure your nodeJS programs with dappy's service discovery

dhttps secures any nodeJS runtime by allowing it to resolve .d domains. Your program becomes partially or fully independent from the DNS, the Certificate Authorities system and the Operating System's name resolution implementation.


Easy JSON file and CLI based domain name and certificate management

Dappy CLI is the official command line tool to administrate one or many domain names in the dappy names system.


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