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A new naming and HTTPS identity public infrastructure

no certificate renewals : developers and security teams work with improved visibility and agility.
 cybersecurity driven : dappy is a simple protocol engineered for supply chain, banking, medical and other critical b2b web applications. It prevents data leaks and reduces friction by removing hundreds of web, DNS, TLS and browser-based attack vectors.
 dappy unlocks easy and confident expansion of secure digital services for businesses of every size.

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Dappy domain names are stored and secured by multiple independent companies simultaneously. Browsers or other arbitrary programs that need to discover web services (ex: wood.d) will retrieve the IP addresss and encryption certificates via co-resolution. Because there is no single point of failure, services exposed through the dappy name system avoid hundreds of vectors of attack. They gain 100x privacy, security and developers can work with higher confidence and agility.


Public name system

secured by blockchain

Secured by a global network of registered and independent companies

Free from censorship + native protection against 90%+ of DNS attacks

Ready for web3

Web browsers

designed for enterprises

Dappy browser, an open source browser engineered for web3 and enterprises use cases.

Dappy browser white labelled, with customized look and cybersecurity features.

Built-in anti-phishing tools

Most secure service discovery on earth

Native protections against TLS interception (man in the middle)

The most secure name system on earth, thanks to decentralization

Dappy is more secure because multiple companies maintain independent endpoints and do the co-resolution. We have open slots for VPN, cloud providers, blockchain companies to join the network.


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