InfStones is a tech and blockchain company that recently closed a $33 million Series B financing round. They operate many POS validator nodes on various blockchain platforms, and are also is developing a ground breaking on-demand node service for retail and business customers.

Dappy is a web browser tailored for security, plus a name system powered by the blockchain and a trustless co-resolution mechanism. InfStones has recently joined the dappy network and will likely participate to the network at genesis.

What is this co-resolution thing ?


Dappy is a public name system like the DNS. Under the dappy paradigm, DNS servers and TLS certificate authorities don’t exist anymore, they are replaced by a blockchain platform and a trustless/decentralized resolution network. This among other features increases grealty the potential accuracy, resiliency and security of the web portals and SaaS services which today have no choice but to rely on the Domain Name System and its inherent limitations.

In the dappy system the ownership is on the blockchain, x.dappy is fully in control of the downwards PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) , TLS certificates and subdomains. The trust is distributed and not concentrated on a single API endpoint. You may want to read this article to go further.

The dappy name system and future launch

Infstones will be part of the companies that secure the name system, and allow computers all around the world to safely discover *.dappy web portals and SaaS applications with ultra safe lookups and TLS browsing.

The dappy name system should launch in 2022 simultaneously as RChain mainnet passes hard fork 2. Infstones will bring in precious technical expertise and knowledge to the ecosystem.

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