Following recent InfStones onboarding, Pathrock Network joins the dappy network and will be part of the initial set of validators for the dappy name system.

Pathrock Network is a POS validator company based in Stuttgart, with nodes running on more than 20 platforms, among which NEAR, Moonbeam (Polkadot) and Mina protocol.

Dappy is not a smart contract platform but instead a secure web platform or ecosystem, powered by the blockchain. The ultra secure name system and Public Key Infrastructure that dappy is preparing will be deployed on RChain smart contract platform.

RChain and the path forward

RChain is the only smart contract platform in the world to allow for safe concurrent block creation. In RChain blocks are not totally ordered one by one, but rather partially ordered in a DAG-like structure. Those unique features and scalability benefits are made possible by the Rho Calculus, a technology at the core of RChain’s smart contract platform discovered by Greg Meredith.

Pathrock network has already operated a node on RChain’s testnet for weeks, and will run one on the mainnet once it opens for external validators.

If you have any business inquiry you can connect to us through email at hello[at] or use the /contact form.

For developer and protocol focused exchanges please join the discord group.

To get more info on dappy’s utility token offering please checkout the , or write to invest[at]