Dappy raises 500k USD through ICO for the future of web security

Dappy sold 500.000 USD of ICO tokens to scale its team for next-level domain names and web applications security.

Dappy is a web and blockchain project that started in France in 2018. The team behind the dappy project (company FABCO) is building a web browser and a public name system alternative to the DNS with a unique combination of blockchain and co-resolution for service discovery. Dappy is meant to address urgent needs in security of web applications and APIs, and allow high value applications to live on the public web.

A brand new system for the future of secure web applications

Fully encrypted co-resolution allows web applications and APIs to be discovered in a trustless manner, thus removing 100% of the single point of failures that exist the DNS and TLS Certificate Authorities system. The single point of failures are the direct cause of many hacks that creates friction and cost millions to many B2B portals or cryptocurrency exchanges every year. Those security barriers limit innovation and forbid some critical web applications from existing on the web.

The Initial Coin Offering

Dappy recently (April 2022) close its first ever ICO during which around 500.000 USD – around 5% of the supply – of utility tokens were sold. Many people from all over the world (France, Germany, Holland, China, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong-Kong) participated in this token offering and will receive dappy tokens on RChain mainnet.margaux