Why dappy ?

February 28, 2022 2022-03-12 16:11
DNS Security shouldn't be a hassle.

For businesses around the world, we drive an alternative to the DNS

Your Web service or application is at risk.

Distributing a mission critical Web Application over the “Public Web” for your clients or business partners can sometimes prove to be detrimental.  

Our technology is simple. It guarantees your clients, key partners and stakeholders get to their intended destination when visiting your Web Application or Server. 


87% of surveyed companies having experienced one or more DNS attack in 2021.

2021 Global DNS Threat Report – efficient iP

The dappy protocol brings safer & unparalleled trust levels to name resolution

Our Name System & innovative mechanism based on the blockchain guarantees the intended route to your Web Application or Server is not modified. 

We bring a new level of robustness to the table. 

Dappy horizontality and distributed trust model

If a DNS resolution (all layers and services considered) has (1%) chance of being hacked for each request. For a dappy network with 10 members and synchrony constraints at 90%, you would need 9 members to be simultaneously hacked for the resolution to be corrupted. The likelyhood of a DNS resolution hack goes down to almost zero (0.0000001%).


Reduction in attack surface. 

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Seconds to understand dappy

Switching to the dappy protocol is easy.

Our tech team is here to guide businesses shift and build use cases.