Your web application is at risk !

March 11, 2022 2022-03-12 19:47

Your web application is at risk

   (but we’ve got you covered 🙂)

Today almost every big and mid-sized company uses web portals to manage daily operations and exchange data : finance, transportation, energy, insurance, banking.

Many organizations have no choice but to expose a public website (example: and to rely on DNS and the certificate authorities system.

Your HTTPS website is not that secure

DNS and the certificate authorities system are inherently insecure, they are not fit for critical and high value data exchange, they have been built mainly for mainstream B2C websites.


87% of surveyed companies have experienced one or more DNS attack in 2021.

2021 Global DNS Threat Report – efficient iP

Some solutions exist to secure a website, but they are often costly and complicated  : like installing certificates, proxies or VPNs in the client’s computer or browser.

Dappy, the ultimate solution for secure and confidential data exchange on the public web

Dappy’s technology is simple, as secure as the blockchain . It guarantees that your clients, key partners, stakeholders and employees (browsing partnersportal.dappy) will get on the intended destination. Your domain name, website, and the communications with your endpoints are as secure as a bitcoin transaction .

Companies and users of the dappy name system own their root domain and root TLS certificate on the blockchain.

Dappy uses HTTPS only, state of the art TLS 1.2 and is 95% compatible with current web applications and APIs.

How does dappy do it ?

Dappy horizontality and distributed trust model

Dappy replaces the traditional DNS layer with a name system that is executed on a blockchain platform, the lookups (when your client accesses the website) are resolved by a network of independant companies, a network collectively certify the domain names and encryption certificates They are listed on the homepage.

Co-resolution brings trust to the browser, and removes single point of failure that still exist in DNSSEC and DoH systems.

We would be glad to help you secure your endpoints and web applications, or just chat about the dappy project and web security. You can reach out to us anytime.