White Label Browser

July 25, 2022 2022-07-27 13:35

Eliminate phishing on your internet facing web services and save millions now.

The web in an hostile environment, many web services, especially the most critical ones are subjected to phishing attempts almost every day.

Desktop applications do mitigate phishing but are costly to develop and time consuming to maintain.

Phishing attacks now cost large organizations almost $15 million annually,
or more than $1,500 per employee.

Check out Ponemon’s 2021 cost of phishing study


GDPR fines, data leakage, and hindered customer relation damage and reparations are also costs to take into account.

Transform your internet facing web application into a secure, phishing proof desktop application.

Branded with your company’s colors and logos.

Communicates with HTTPS only, with an exclusive (white listed) set of internet facing services (it can be one or twenty).

Highly secure communications, using the blockchain and the dappy name system instead of the DNS for service discovery.

As easy to maintain as a web application, it is still remote (web app) and not

Auto updates with the latest security patches from Chromium and Electron browsers


How do I get started ?


Get in touch with our teams


• Tell us how you wish to build : Operating System, Whitelist, etc.


• Give us the Go to publish and you’re set !