Dappy is a secure domain name system powered by bockchain that enables direct encrypted communications between the client and server.

It comes with a browser with special whiteliste and security features to isolate and protect web3 apps and others sensitive web portals.

How to put my website on dappy ?

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Get a domain

Configure your domain

Share your address and enjoy

You must find a domain that is available for your web service. Get a production domain in 3 minutes here, or a test domain in 5 seconds here

Now that you own a domain you need to configure your IP addresses and encryption certificates, the documentation will help you do that in few minutes.

Your clients need to install dappy browser, they can now securely access your web service.

The security of the blockchain

Domain names reside on the blockchain and are resolved in a trustless manner (co-resolution). They are safe from mismanagement, man-in-the-middle attacks and censorship.

Global whitelist

In order to protect the users of your Defi or NFT website from phishing, you can ask them to add your service to the whitelist so that every other one is blocked by the browser.

Wallet whiltelists

Wallets in dappy browser can be mapped to trusted hosts with a whitelist system, so that a user never signs a transaction for a phishing website.


Dappy browser will allow a set of independent domains (from two to infinity) to host or mutually endorse a given web resource.

Stay tuned