Securing Web3

August 25, 2022 2022-09-08 15:13


For Web3 Platforms, Exchanges and other Internet facing apps looking to remove DNS attack vectors.

What the dappy name system offers

Centralized architecture in the DNS and Certificate Authority systems puts exchanges and other platforms in the firing line of DNS and Phishing attacks :Celer Network, Curve Finance, CreamFinance and PancakeSwap (Foregoing) and many more to come.

We’ve used the distributed principles of blockchain ensuring your clients always land on the interact with the right pages in 3 ways. 

Secure Name System

  • Domain names (*.d) are NFTs on the blockchain
  • No certificate renewal
  • Instant update and monitoring of subdomains and records
  • Trustless service discovery (no-resolution)

In browser wallet and secure transactions

  • Wallets can be used for EVM and non-EVM transactions
  • Trusted transactions feature allows users to know exactly what they are signing (ERC20, ERC721 etc.) without reading the code !
  • Wallet whitelists : each wallet can be configured to only interact with trusted domains (ex: uniswap.d)

Browser-wide whitelist that blocks phishing

Dappy browser is engineered for critical web3 services and web2/industry SaaS platforms.

it includes a simple yet powerful manual whitelist where trusted domains are manually listed. Every unknown domain is then blocked by the browser !


How do I get started ?


You can simply get in touch with us or chose to explore our open-source ressources right here


Additional features for Web3

You can check out our full list of features for Web3 and security of blockchain applications here.