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The purpose of this page is to reference all documents and projects that are currently maintained or in some way part of the Dappy ecosystem.

Dappy browser

Dappy browser based on Electron and Chromium that does co-resolution for service discovery.

Documentation / propositions

RFC-like documents have been written to allow researchers, developers to review the technical propositions and switches on cookies, DNS and TLS.

Utils and libraries

Dappy node is a node JS application that exposes DNS over HTTPS API, can create/update DNS zone based on cryptographics signatures, it can use multiple adapters (how the data is stored), the main one is currently PostreSQL.

Dappy lookup is a libray + CLI to perform lookups in the dappy name system (ex: get all AAAA or TXT records for a domain).

Dappy CLI is the nodeJS library used to managed zones (IP addresses, TLS certificates, TXT records) in the dappy name system. It can also be used to push dapps

RChain toolkit (not directly related to dappy) General purpose library node JS to deploy/propose/query a rnode running instance.

RChain token : (not directly related to dappy) fungibles and non-fungibles tokens on the RChain blockchaint.