The purpose of this page is to reference all documents and projects that are currently maintained or in some way part of the Dappy ecosystem.


The general documentation consists in two document, the protocol overview page on that can be seen as a light white paper, and the general documentation on gitbook, that is technically more concrete.


RChain toolkit (not directly related to Dappy) General purpose library node JS to deploy/propose/query a rnode running instance.

Dappy node is a node JS application that exposes a websockets API, it sits between Dappy browser and a running rnode (RChain) instance.

Dappy CLI is a general purpose library to publish web applications, or simple files to the blockchain. Typically it is added as a dependency for a dapp repository (see dapps)

RChain names contains the rholang code, and JS utils for the name system connected to the Dappy network


Dapp tutorial, step by step tutorial to code and deploy your first dapp on Dappy.

Dapp ERC1155 manager A dapp to deploy, and manage ERC-1155 contract.

ERC1155 on RChain (not directly related to Dappy)