February 7, 2022 2022-02-07 14:06

Cybersecurity researchers, hackers, friends list

dappy friends list

The dappy team maintains relationships or active partnerships with many hackers (the good ones), cybersecurity researchers and developers around the world. The following is a list of researchers aware and supportive of what we are building. We are planning bug hunting, and auditing with some of them.

  • Momen Ali (theCyberGuy) (Egypt), Bug hunter / cybersecurity researcher twitter, youtube, linkedin
  • Robin De Baets (Belgium), Bug hunter / cybersecurity researcher twitter
  • Manas (ManasH4rsh) (India), cybersecurity researcher twitter, blog
  • Nikhil Mittal (India), Web & Browser Vulnerability twitter
  • Ananda (Nepal) , Cybersecurity analyst twitter, hackerone profile
  • Mr Sinister (India), Information security researcher, bug hunter ŧwitter, blog
  • Jeremy Ibanez (France), Web developer github
  • j33n1k4 (India), Cybersecurity enthusiast, twitter, blog

Members of the dappy friends list are not part of the dappy team, or FABCO (the main company developing the dappy related softwares), they do not have any endorsment or legal engagement with dappy.