Dappy – private, isolated and resilient name system for consortiums and industry partners.

September 5, 2022 2022-09-09 15:48

Private and resilient name system for critical web applications within a consortium or network of trusted companies.

Governmental and enterprise web applications are the ones that are hacked the most

Government agencies, supply chain, energy, health, fintech and banking companies are the ones that suffer the most elaborated, numerous and damaging cyberattacks. The reasons are they often either do not isolate their services from the public web, or rely on outdated and vulnerable technologies like DNS with only one resolver and no encryption.

As an example the cost of phishing attacks went from USD 3,8M (2015) to 14,8M (2021) and are projected to keep growing in number, elaboration and damage surface.

A private name system for critical internet services

Secured by a network of trusted companies or institutions, you have to hack many IT departments to spoof IP addresses and/or HTTPS certificates

Comes with a branded, no-extension, privacy-first web browser (based on Chromium) see dappy white labelled browser

Isolated from the public web, protected against 90%+ of DNS attacks

A living and elastic network : you can ajust the resolvers over time to reflect the trust setup and resiliency requirements within your consortium or network.

Distributed trust and enterprise applications : the best of both worlds

Dappy is a name system that works with co-resolution. IP addresses and HTTPS certificates are retreived in parallel and real-time through multiple independent resolvers (distributed trust). It has no central point of failure and therefore cannot be hacked.
Dappy can easily articulate with existing web applications, and be deployed in any framework (public or protected) and secure from one to thousands of web applications and internet facing services.
You are a security engineer ? Or part of, or represent a network of government agencies, consortium of companies, IT service provider with clients looking for DNS alternatives ?