Secure name system powered by blockchain

September 27, 2021 2022-05-03 8:29

Secure name system

powered by blockchain

Public alternative to DNS and Certificate Authorities focused on security.


Tailored for critical data exchange and web applications on the global internet.

The companies that secure the dappy name system

Dappy is an ecosystem and public network for securing web applications and data exchange on the public internet (SaaS, web applications, XHR calls, API calls, services discovery). It provides an all-in-one solution that replaces DNS and certificate authorities.

Dappy is an open source platform that operates in the web, cybersecurity and blockchain arena. With resiliency and distributed trust principles at its root, the dappy technology provides any company, organization or individual with a public name system and protocol that meets the need for ultra-secure, accurate and confidential data exchange on the global internet.

Ecosystem ready to jump in

Web browser

  • No DNS + built on Chromium
  • Tailored for high value web applications
  • Secured in real time by the blockchain and the companies of the dappy network

download source code


  • Dappy SDKs replaces DNS and Certificate Authorities (CA) in your code
  • NodeJS, command line and others coming soon !

dappy-lookup dappy-cli

Unique features

  • Domain names and websites controlled by multiple parties
  • Perishable NFTs for subscriptions and recurring payments
  • New trust models for the web of tomorrow

Dappy can help secure many segments : Public Key Infrastructure, web applications, TLS certificates, APIs, web portals and SaaS.

Our extensive libraries and ressources can help you navigate trough. Dappy allows you to manage domain names, subdomains and renew certificates in minutes. 

Feel free to reach out to us with any question or contribution at hello[at], or on the discord


Unique co-resolution mechanism

Dappy is the first public system in the world to use co-resolution. You don’t need to trust us, the trust is distributed in a network of independant companies.

Learn more about co-resolution on dappy


Safe and accurate

Dappy browser is powered by Chromium and optimized for maximal security and accuracy.

Specifications of dappy browser and protocol

Seconds to understand dappy

Dappy is a longstanding and evolving project.

Birth of the dappy Browser

First release of the dappy browser powered by Electron and Chromium. At launch, both EOS and RChain Smart Contract Platforms were supported. 

Co-resolution + secure TLS

First release of Bees JS, the library that handles co-resolution and reads into the blockchain without centralized API endpoint. 

Deeper into the RChain ecosystem

Drop of EOS support. Release of rchain-names and rholang-files-modules to handle onchain files, dapps, and name system. Those two libraries will later become RChain token.

Partial token offering, and whitepaper release

To fund the growth of the team dappy is releasing 20% of the Utility Tokens that will govern the platform, grant access to closed door events and shared rewards from the dappy name system.

Two onboardings in the dappy network

Two companies join the dappy network as software gains maturity, team and community prepares for the launch.

Paris Blockchain Week

Paris Blockchain Week


FIC Forum International de la Cybersécurité

Participation to FIC 2022, the biggest cybersecurity event in Europe, in Lille (France)

Vivatech 2022

Participation to Vivatech 2022, the biggest tech event in Europe, in Paris (France)


Launch of the dappy name system. 

Pentesting and public bug bounty

Dappy is a public open source project. It has strong focus on security and resiliency, therefore the team is diligently preparing pentesting and bug bounty programs with external companies.