Dappy 0.2.9

  • English 🇬🇧 + Chinese 🇨🇳
  • You can send REV to "bob" or "amazon", the name system is linked to wallets
  • Utils to facilitate the transfer of an existing DNS website to Dappy
  • The tabs have been redesigned
  • New dappyRChain.exploreDeploys, in a dapp (javascript) you can do multiple explore-deploys at once
  • ERC1155 manager web application available in default tabs


Dappy 0.2.8


This release it includes a protocol update, to reflect changes in the rholang-files-module (v0.4). There are breaking changes with the previous release and protocol. Previous release is not supported anymore.

Dappy 0.2.7


This release is the first that runs on the beta network, which will be maintained for many months. The Dappy beta network runs on RChain main network

Dappy 0.2.5


Dappy 0.2.4


Dappy 0.2.4 is available. It includes a brand new IP mode in addition to the DAPP mode. The IP mode does regular client-server requests like a web browser but uses names and certificates from the blockchain instead of registrars and CAs. And a long living web socket connection with each server of the Dappy network.

Dappy 0.2.3


Dappy 0.2.3 is available it is still a beta version. It includes a much more stable bundle, clean .msi installers for Windows, very much improved error reporting, simplified file format.

Make sure to remove/uninstall previous versions of Dappy.

Dappy 0.1.9


Dappy 0.1.9 is available, it is the first official release of Dappy.

  • Dappy 0.1.9 runs on the Dappy alpha network which is composed of two members FTM ( and
  • The Dappy Alpha network runs on the rchain sandbox-testnet which is unstable

Those releases are of course not ready for any kind of production deployment.

Realeases are availble for windows and debian/ubuntu

Join the discord server to participate to testing, report early bugs, or share opinions on design and behaviour.