We are pleased to announce the release of the Dappy beta network and Dappy beta browser. These new releases are the result of many months of technical work connecting Dappy to the RChain platform mainnet.

The Dappy beta network will have a minimum maintenance period of 6 months.

These releases include all features described in previous articles and announcements. The Dappy beta network is the first platform of its kind.

Feature set:

  • Blockchain powered file uploads and downloads. (File size is limited due to current network capacity).
  • Simple encrypted blockchain wallet
  • Blockchain powered web application browsing (dapps): dapps do not rely on private servers, nor domain name system (DNS). They are exclusive client-blockchain web applications.
  • Blockchain powered name system for legacy websites (IP applications): any website can be referenced in the name system in which Dappy is connected. This decentralized feature is 100% blockchain supported.
  • All files, web applications, and legacy websites can be referenced by a decentralized name system that is strictly separate from the existing DNS on which websites currently depend.
  • The Dappy beta network is a decentralized file and web application distribution platform. Currently, it is a 1 node network (“b1.dappy.tech”) which will be expanded to additional nodes in the future.

Dappy beta browser 0.2.8 is available on Windows 32 bit and 64 bit as well as macOS and debian/ubuntu. Please download the more recent release from https://dappy.tech/download page.

Dappy beta release users will utilize the RChain REV token to perform write/update operations such as purchasing names and uploading files. The REV token is the RChain platform native currency. Currently, names are priced at 15 REV, which is $3 USD (1 REV = $0.20). Pricing will be adjusted to stay between $2 and $3 USD. Name updates are free, however, there is a user transaction cost which is priced in phlo (gas).

Important : Ownership of names purchased during the Dappy beta network is temporary and will not be carried over to the live Dappy network and name system.

Developers are encouraged to try all features and share their thoughts, ideas and experiments with the community. Release 0.2.8 already includes user proposed improvements.


Currently, there are two documents to help users understand and develop dapps on the Dappy beta network.

General documentation discusses main concepts and provides tutorials to set up and connect to an existing Dappy network. [outdated documentation, please see https://dappy.tech/resources ]

Dappy dapp documentation provides a tutorial for building a dapp on Dappy. [outdated documentation, please see https://dappy.tech/resources]


There are two Dappy networks (1 node in each) running on RChain mainnet and RChain testnet.

  • b1.dappy.tech : connected to RChain’s mainnet
  • t1.dappy.tech : connected to RChain’s testnet

Please report to the general documentation to connect to one or the other. [outdated documentation, please see https://dappy.tech/resources ]

Thank you to Steve for helping me writing this article.