August 2022 update – incoming launch, white label offering, new security features and more

by RaphaΓ«l

Hello everyone we hope you’re having a great summer 😎😊. This is an update on what’s going in the dappy project.

White label offering

Our market analysis has led us to consider phishing as the number one attack vector on the web, for B2B as well as B2C services. Desktop apps are an easy way to go around phishing since it is very hard to impersonate a desktop application, in opposition to a website. In addition to the broad name system + dappy browser offering, FABCO is developing the dappy browser as white label solution.

Launch and first rewards for token holders

Dappy name system will surely launch in 2022, prior or after block merge. Dappy tokens, among other features, grant rewards. The initial rate will be monthly rewards. Since the dappy network is not properly operational yet, the share of token holders may be virtually multiplied to fill 100% of the incomes (together with FABCO). As of today, less than 5% of dappy tokens have been emitted and acquired by token holders.

RChain token 18

Work on RChain token continues as it is the backbone of the dappy name system (domain names are NFTs) a new release was recently out, it includes bug fixes and additional tests.

First webinar (french)

Our first webinar took place on July 8th, it is available here.

Global whitelist and wallets-to-domains whitelists

Dappy is a web3-native project. We are addressing both the needs of legacy web services, and web3 use cases. 6 months ago we added the EVM wallets. In the next dappy browser release we have added a global whitelist to block any untrusted / unknown website. Each wallet also now comes with a domain whitelist, this way you can strictly link wallets and private keys to domains you trust.

Transparency report on the ICO

More than 40 people participated to the ICO and purchased dappy tokens. We will soon publish the (anonymized) participations and dappy token holdings to github.

FIC and Vivatech follow-up

The dappy team was at FIC (Lille) and Vivatech (Paris) in June. We met hundreds of people. Many students and IT people showed their interest, and discussions notably led to an ongoing PoC discussion (see white label offering).

Collaborative domain names

In dappy you can control a domain name with multiple identities controlling (such as a β€œMultisig” or DAO). We are also working on address bar syntax and collaborative domain names. Collaborative domain names allow users to load websites that are mutually endorsed by two or more parties, without a trusted third party.

Participations to enterprise alliances and working groups

Dappy is considering joining multiple enterprise consortiums in order to build trust partnerships with key actors in web3, open source and IT security industries. We cannot say more right now as all will be fully disclosed when completed.

Stay tuned !