September 2021 update, hackers list and recruitment

Thu, 07 Oct 2021 17:57:00 GMT

Hi everyone

There hasn't been any newsletters in a while, let's give an update on the project.

RChain token

RChain token, one of the main components of the dappy ecosystem is constantly improved and worked on. We are now at release 12.0.1, the NFT expiration is 100% coded and tested. This means that it's ready to receive the dappy name system, the dappy name system will be a NFT contract, with 12 months expiration, you'll have to renew during the last month (approximately).

Team expansion

The team is now composed of 4 people, Nicolas (part time business development), Jean-Christophe (business development) and Paul (Electron/NodeJS/Kubernetes development). The goal is to reach the maturity stage as soon as possible, and to be confident for the launch of the name system, and on the commercial side, for the dappy network recruitment opening.

Dappy network

We have begun contacting companies to discuss the dappy project, and eventually them joining as a dappy network member, we plan to build a proto-network with 2, 3 or 4 companies to start with. Expansion can go further in later stages of development.

Friends list, contact with cybersecurity researchers

We have begun chatting with cybersecurity researchers and hackers, the goal is to switch from a 1 person project, to a more collaborative / opened way of working and improving the product.


Launch can't be done now because RChain has not done the state reset, we have to wait for the state reset, and will probably launch soon after. Cheers Raphaël