Free your web portals and SaaS from the browsers and the DNS

Phishing attacks now cost large organizations almost USD 15 Millions annually, or more than USD 1.500 per employee.

Data leaks, damages to the brand image, and hindered relations with third party providers or clients are also negative impacts to take into account.

Check out Ponemon Institute cost of phishing study

The web is an hostile environment, many web services, especially the most critical ones are subject to elaborate phishing attempts almost every day. In addition the core protocols of the Domain Name and Certificate Authority systems (https) have not been engineered for high value applications (B2B, fintech, health, supply chain, crypto etc.)

We propose a simple solution that quickly turns web portals and SaaS into desktop apps. A web app becomes a web service on the desktop. In addition to the natural isolation from phishing websites, dappy adds a security and control layer on the TLS/DNS side, making it more secure than webviews and other hand crafted programs.

A dedicated desktop app for critical SaaS and internet facing applications


A whitelist system to make sure only trusted services and endpoints are reached

Branded to match your company's colors and identity

Built on chromium
Auto-updates for all desktop platforms
Your desktop app is still an internet-based SaaS, it stays easy to update and maintain as regular websites.